Founded in 2020 the „Schwarzwälder Jungs“ are a collective of four photographers who each in their own way are somehow connected to the beautiful Black Forest area in the southwest of Germany. They ́re known for their various & unique style of visually interpreting the Black Forest and bringing their „Heimat“ into focus for a wider audience.

Michael Corona
Philip Carneiro
Johannes Nickel
Milan Janik



The center of our attention & the key element of our work is outdoor photography. We are always striving for nothing but the best quality when it comes to visual content. Over the years we build up an expertise in social media campaigns & visual story telling no matter if still or moving images nor in front or behind the camera. The various talents & expertise summed up in the collective allows us to set up the perfect crew for any purposes to create visual content worldwide.


Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving. With that in mind we always try to share our knowledge with clients, partners & our growing community.

This year for example we planned & ran several photography workshops from entry level to experts coachings – starting by how to use a camera in manual mode till improving the members landscape photography & bringing their visual story telling to the next level.


With great reach comes great responsibility. We are aware of that and happy to see more and more tourists come to visit the beautiful Black Forest, not at least because of the visual content we share from our home.

This fact includes a greater burden for nature & our environment, so we want to merge that responsibility into inspiring positivity. Therefore we plan & run events like garbage collections to act as role models on how to behave outdoors & to implement the term of sustainable landscape photography.

We always try to connect with local organizations to educate ourselves, spread usefull informations & are open for critics to get in touch with others to start constructive conversations.


You need some creative support with your project? We ́re always open to talk about, inspire & develop new ideas, so feel free to get in touch with us!